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From March 1, 2018, applications for certification of Georgian cultural routes have started.
Applications are discussed by the Board for Strategic Development and Certification of Cultural Routes of Georgia under the Ministry.
The functions of the Board are:
• Increasing Georgia's representation in the Council of Europe Cultural Routes Program and participation in the development of local cultural routes;
• Certification of cultural routes in accordance with the criteria developed by the Board;
• Discussion and selection of the applications submitted to the Ministry to promote the development of cultural routes through both competition and non-competition;
• As a result of the monitoring carried out by the Ministry, the decision making to extend or terminate the certificate of cultural routes;
The Board unites 14 institutions:
• Ministry of Education, Science, Culture and Sport of Georgia
• Administration of President of Georgia
• Committee on Education, Science and Culture of the Parliament of Georgia
• Ministry of Education, Culture and Sport of the Autonomous Republic of Adjara
• Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Georgia
• Ministry of Economy and Sustainable Development of Georgia
• Ministry of Infrastructure and Regional Development of Georgia
• National Agency for Cultural Heritage Preservation of Georgia
• Georgian National Museum
• Georgian National Tourism Administration
• Agency of Protected Areas
• State Agency for Religious Affairs
• National Center for Intellectual Property of Georgia - Sakpatenti
• Inclusive Tourism Center "Parsa"
In order to promote the development of cultural routes, the Cultural Routes Division of the Ministry of Education, Science, Culture and Sport of Georgia intensively holds information / consultation meetings with stakeholders.

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Cultural Routes of Georgia

Application form for Cultural Routes of Georgia and the Criterias for Certification