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NEWS | Five New Certified Routes

Five New Certified Routes

08 December, 2020
On December 4, 2020, the Board for Strategic Development and Certification of Cultural Routes of Georgia discussed and granted with the Certificates of the Ministry of Education, Science, Culture and Sport of Georgia five new routes: “Georgian Ceramic Route”, “Georgia drawn with tea”, “I will go to Guria but”, “Ilia Chavchavadze Memorial Sites” and “On the footsteps of the thirteen Syrian fathers”.

The "Georgian Ceramic Route" is important both for its historical and contemporary terms, as it allows visitors to view both ancient ceramic artcrafts and also become involved in the creation of ceramic works and to show visitors why Georgia’s opportunities to become part of the European Ceramic Route.

The purpose of the route is to introduce local cultural monuments, art and Georgian ceramics industry to the local population and foreigners, as well as to introduce Georgian cuisine. The project includes 6 tourist destinations that combine interesting and important facilities, including salons, workshops, pottery masters, hotels and catering.

The route "Georgia painted by Tea" covers Guria, Samegrelo, Imereti regions, the Autonomous Republic of Adjara and Tbilisi. The route tells the history of the development of tea culture in Georgia and its importance in both local and international markets. Tea and grape tea have the greatest culture and traditions, towards which many countries have special feelings and attitudes, including Georgia.
The cultural route "I’ll go to Guria But” or the “European way to Guria" somehow repeats and follows travelers Tedo Sakhokia, Dimitri Bakradze and European travelers of different eras Flavius ​​Arrianos, Pietro Della Valle, Jean-Baptiste Tavernier, Cristoforo Castelli and others. The importance of this route is that visitors will be able to discover unknown Guria, its unique ethnography, traditions and heritage.

The route "Ilia Chavchavadze Memorial Sites” aims to introduce the life and work of the great writer and public figure Ilia Chavchavadze, especially to the young generation. The route includes 9 sites in Tbilisi, as well as the Tsitsamuri Memorial and Ilia Chavchavadze House-Museum in Saguramo.

In order to popularize the route, it is planned to prepare a one-day thematic excursion tour for the students. Specialists and the project submission organization will be involved in the preparation of the tour. Tour operators working in the field of domestic tourism will also take part in the tour. Schools and higher education institutions will also be interested in this touristic product.

The route of touristic, pilgrimage and cultural significance "On the footsteps of thirteen Syrian fathers" includes the orthodox monasteries founded by 13 Christian monks who came to Georgia from Syria in the 6th century. The Holy Fathers laid the foundation for monastic life in various parts of the country and where their graves are still preserved. Each site of the route is granted with the status of the cultural heritage monument of Georgia and each of them is considered to be the greatest Christian shrine and a distinctive example of Georgian cult architecture. Obviously, turning these monuments into one route will create a completely unique, high-class pilgrimage tour of the Christian world, where, in addition to ancient temples, it will be possible to visit the tombs of saints.
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